History of cheese

People have been making cheese for over 10,000 years and originally became popular in Europe and the Middle East. However, most cheese production is a relatively modern affair, with most cheeses that we know and love today being first produced in the 1700-1800s.

With mass production, cheese became cheaply available to the multitudes, but the traditional cheesemakers still retained their craft and their cheeses are much sought after today. As a high quality cheese caterer in Bromley, these are the cheeses that you will find on one of our grazing tables.





 Types of Cheeses Available


Pecorino Sardo PDO, Italy (sheep) 

A matured, deep rich flavoured hard cheese made from the milk of Sardinian sheep - Italy.


Baron Bigod, UK (cow) 

A soft, white bloomy rind cheese handmade in Suffolk, similar to Brie de Meaux.


Parmigiano-Reggiano PDO, Italy (cow) 

One of the most famous cheeses from Italy, rich, salty and sweet in flavour, this cheese is matured for over 24 months.

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Camembert de Normandie, France (cow)

One of France's iconic cheeses, fruity yet earthy flavour with a supple texture.


Gruyere Premiere Cru, Switzerland (cow) 

Dense texture, with a fruity floral flavour.


Brillat Savarin Affine, France (cow) 

Named after the famous gourmand, this cheese is very rich in texture due to the addition of cream.


Cheddar Truckle PDO, UK (cow) 

A mini cloth bound cheddar, with a distinctive, fruity flavour.


Ingot, UK (goat) 

Fresh, velvety and mousse like, with a hint of citrus and a beautiful, ivory-toned rind.


Stilton, UK (cow) 

One of England's most famous cheeses, with a herby tang and rich creaminess.


Roquefort, France (sheep) 

A famous French blue cheese aged in caves of Combalou, with a salty flavour and sweet notes.




 Pairing Ideas



 Pecorino Sardo

This cheese pairs beautifully with honey or with fresh fruit.


Dates, apricots and peaches, as well as honey, are the most popular pairings with this cheese.


Gruyere Premiere Cru 

This cheese pairs well with crackers, pecan nuts and fresh bread.



 Cheddar Truckle 

Cheddar pairs beautifully with crusty bread, crackers or almost any chutney.

Baron Bigod

A delicate fruit loaf, honey or a soft, crusty bread is the perfect coupling.



 Camembert de Normandie 

Almonds, cranberries, pickles and soft, newly baked bread.

 Brillat Savarin Affine 

This cheese is often paired with seasonal fruits or sparkling wines.



This cheese pairs well with crackers, apple and white wine.




Red wine is a popular accompaniment, along with crusty bread, dried nuts and fruits.


Pears, walnuts, figs and a fresh baguette make for a beautiful complementary pair.