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When love for gastronomy, world culinary experiences, creativity and the obsession to detail come together, a beautiful adventure begins, a family business created by passion.

Cheese&more is a project built by Anca, a busy mum of two lovely children, but never too busy to work on her dream. Anca is a former optician who gave up her profession to follow a much more fulfilling path and to offer to the people a tool to connect and interact together- a cheese bar at your event.

Cheese&more offers cheese bar catering in Bromley and throughout the South East, for buffets, corporate events or social gatherings. Sample a range of fine cheese with your friends, colleagues or clients and make a perfect starter buffet to your catering event too!

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Event caterer in Bromley


Event caterer in Bromley





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We offer three main artisan cheese bar services, offering between 7 and 10 types, each delightfully presented and paired with fruits, crackers, bread and seasonal flowers.

When you order your cheese bar catering in Bromley, we will agree a time and location together and we shall set up the buffet an hour before the party begins. This allows the cheeses to come to room temperature, releasing strong and flavourful aromas and giving the cheese optimum texture.

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 Let's Get Cheesy!

We will take you through an unforgettable experience, where you will be delighted with mouth-watering goodies, all artistically set up and ready to impress even the most exigent tastes. All cheeses are 100% artisan and from the very finest along with a stunning selection of accompaniments.

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 Cheese&more Caters For


 Weddings and Christening parties

A cheese bar is becoming a popular option for wedding receptions, allowing people from different circles to converse and get to know each other.


Corporate events

Having a beautiful buffet of cheeses at your company event, will impress your clients and make for constructive and interesting conversations, potentially making them more amenable.



 Parties and social gatherings

For everything from family reunions to baby showers and birthday parties, if you are expecting guests who like cheese, Cheese&more is here for you.




Event caterer in Bromley

Cheese board packages

Read more about the cheese boards we can provide for your event here. You can also have a bespoke package where the grazing table is created with your event in mind, with cheeses and decorations to match!



What We Offer

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Event caterer in Bromley

A range of beautiful cheeses

We can supply a spectacular grazing table for your party or event, with all kinds of different cheeses.

Apart from British cheese, you will find Italian, French and Swiss cheeses, all artisan delicatessen and each paired with fresh bread and crackers, appetising jams, honey, crispy nuts and fresh fruits. All the cheeses are arranged on platters made of environmentally sustainable acacia wood, contemporary slate or sophisticated marble, in an eye-catching and inventive decor all around.

If you are looking for cheese bar catering in Bromley and throughout London, Cheese&more should be your first port of call. Whether it is your wedding reception, a shower or christening party, Christmas dinner, a garden, a thematic party or a business meeting, we will make it cheeselicious! Have a browse through our gallery of amazing cheese presentations here.



Let them graze!

At Cheese&more, our aim is to make amazing grazing tables available everyone.

The buffets are affordable and still all look luxurious and taste incredible. Each cheese is specially selected, completely artisan, made by hand, using the traditional craftsmanship of skilled cheesemakers and aged and ripened to achieve its own distinct aesthetic.

Your cheese board will be beautifully presented and every aspect of it, from the cheese itself to the breads and fruits they are paired with, will look sensational.

Each cheese has its ideal partner on the platter, whether it is a kind of fruit, bread or jam. Read more about this here.


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